How we motivated millions of people to say yes to a beauty brand called no!no!

The Challenge

An Israeli medical device company had developed an innovative hair removal device for home use. They hired a well-known DRTV company who produced a high cost long form infomercial which had failed.

The Solution

Our team developed a new product positioning and produced a new DRTV infomercial campaign at a lower cost. We shifted the entire focus of the creative and filmed a series of very emotional real people profiles.

We also recommended that the company test short form. Everyone said that it would be impossible to sell a $279 product in 60 seconds. We felt otherwise and produced new short form spots on spec.

The Results

The campaign was a phenomenon in our industry. Sales went from zero to $70M in 12 months.  The short form spots performed as well as the infomercial and successfully reached a younger demographic target. In fact one of our commercials was awarded Best Beauty Spot of the Year by the Electronic Retailing Association.

We went on to produce DRTV campaigns that aired in Europe, South America and Asia. Within 24 months the product was the number one selling brand in the world.

Sales continued to skyrocket. In less than 4 years sales had reached $400 million leading to the company to go public on NASDAQ.

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