Braun is a global kitchen brand. But sales were shrinking in the US. They needed our help fast.

The Challenge

Delonghi, is the parent company of Braun. We had produced successful DRTV campaign for Delonghi's lines of home coffee makers.

The president of Braun turned to us for help. They needed to drive Q4 retail sales for their Braun line of multi-functional hand blenders and grow their e-commerce business.

The challenge was big, especially because there was so little time.

The Solution

In less than 90 days we produced high end content that we custom crafted into a half hour infomercial and a package of spots ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes long. We negotiated talent agreements with a Chef who was a star of the hit TV series Top Chef.

We brought in a world class team of food stylists and filmed multi-camera in kitchen demos scenes. We carefully selected and directed real people testimonials.

Our team also fast tracked the design and development of a new e-commerce strategy complete with a new landing page and optimized product ordering pages to to reduce bounce, improve conversion and increase average order value.

The Results

We met their deadline and exceeded their sales projections

Our Braun DRTV campaign helped generate an unprecedented 95% lift in YOY retail sales.  

Online search for the Braun hand blender increased by 75% and Q4 Amazon spiked by over 50% during the campaign which was much higher than projected.

The result? Braun had it's best year as measured by revenues and brand awareness.

Lift in YOY Retail Sales.
Increase in Amazon Sales
Increase in On line Search

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